Heidi Piercy

About Heidi Piercy

I am an author, illustrator, artist and teacher currently living in Mid-Wales.

The arts had always been a big part of my early life, but it took a bit of a back seat to education and work and working in education.

However, when I left full time teaching to have my two children, I started sketching and writing again.

Whenever my children were napping, instead of spending the WHOLE time doing housework, I sketched and painted the little local fairy houses and then wrote a rhyme to go with them to read to my children and this is how The Rabbitswood Fairies Series began. Since then, inspired by my wonderful little girls, I have started to write other books that don’t contain fairies (starting with What Is A Plooksie?).

Before the publication of Diary Of A Fairy Tracker (buy it now on Amazon or/and iBook 🙂 ), I would have described myself as a teacher by profession. I have taught in primary and secondary schools and been Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Child Protection Officer and all the other jobs that go alongside those roles. So I guess that ‘teacher hat’ is pretty firmly glued onto my head after all this time and I can’t help considering the educational opportunities to be found in my books. If you do work in education and use them with your children, I would love to hear what you have done.

What’s Next?

I have just published my seventh book on Amazon and I currently have 3 more half finished books on the go! I promise to keep my blog updated with how I’m getting on.