Pedn Vounder Beach, Treen -Painting And Photography

Finding Pedn Vounder/Treen Beach

Years and years ago, before I can remember (well this makes me feel old!!), when we were on a family holiday to Cornwall we were on a cliff top walk near Lands End and came across this beautiful beach at the bottom of the cliffs. It looked so beautiful, yet completely unreachable (and it almost is)! There is a very narrow and steep path down to the beach, ending in what can only be described as a scramble and the path is completely cut off at high tide, so it definitely isn’t the most accessible of beaches, but I think that is probably partly why it remains so perfect. At low tide there is a huge expanse of glowing golden sand and the crystal clear water is so inviting… although not always the warmest! If you want to visit Pedn Vounder Beach, it is probably best to park at Treen Village and then follow the path down to the cliff. There is usually a map in the car park and I’m sure the people in the shop/cafe will happily point you in the right direction.

Pedn Vounder Beach, Treen Photography by Heidi Piercy

Painting Pedn Vounder Beach

My painting of Pedn Vounder is done in gouache, which is one of my favourite things to work with due to it’s flexility and the vibrancy of the colours they produce. It is quite a small painting, just a bit bigger than one of those large postcards you can get. I know I have sent many postcards of that beach to friends over the years so I guess it’s about time that I painted my own. I gave this painting to my mum for her birthday last year, I hope she likes it.

We have returned to this beautiful part of the world again and again over the years and hopefully we’ll be back again soon.

View From Pedn Vounder Beach, Treen Photography by Heidi Piercy

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