My first book, Diary Of A Fairy Tracker,  is now available to buy on Amazon. It is also available as an iBook for only £0.99.


Do you ever hear the pitter patter of tiny footsteps or see the leaves on trees rustling when there isn’t any wind? Well you’re probably lucky enough to have been very close to a fairy and this is just the right book for you!

This is the diary of Fairy Tracker Joe and is packed full of the magical discoveries he made in the enchanted Rabbitswood.

Things were going well for Joe until a letter arrived and he discovers he’s been tricked!

The beautifully hand-drawn illustrations and rhyming verse will develop children’s love of reading and spur their imaginations and creativity. It is the perfect book to read to young children or for older children to read and explore on their own. It could even be used as an educational resource e.g. map work in geography, or as a writing prompt to think about the stories of the fairies who live there.

Photo of Heidi Piercy reading Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy


The inspiration for Dairy Of A Fairy Tracker came from the brilliant fairy houses in Abbotswood, Romsey in Hampshire. Read more about them on my blog.

A Few Thanks 🙂

I take inspiration from everything around me. I am very lucky to have a brilliant circle of family and friends, who support and inspire me every day and without this turning into some kind of crazy acceptance speech, when I haven’t actually won anything I would just like to take this opportunity to say a few little thanks for my first book:

…end of weird acceptance speech!!

Illustrations from Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy

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