Rabbitswood Fairy House Colouring Book is now available to buy on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it and happy colouring!


Welcome to the wonderful woodland world of Rabbitswood. Let your imagination and your pencils run wild and add a splash of colour and uniqueness to your own magical fairy forest. An original take on the classic colouring book format, giving you lots more space to add your own imaginative drawings. The beautiful pictures are all tied together with a lovely counting rhyme making it great for developing literacy, numeracy and creativity. Based on the book,  Diary Of A Fairy Tracker, all of the colouring pages are designed to be the starting point of an artistic illustration, so that when you have finished you will have produced your very own personalised storybook. Perfect for adults and children, this book will be something for you to treasure forever.


Rabbitswood Fairy Colouring Book -Fairy House no 1 Page by Heidi Piercy

Rabbitswood Fairy Colouring Book -Fairy House no.8 Page by Heidi Piercy

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