Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy Illustrations Inspired By The Abbotswood Romsey Fairy Houses

Fairy Houses At Abbotswood, Romsey

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Painting The Fairy Houses At Abbotswood, Romsey

There have been little fairy houses popping up all over the woodland paths in Abbotswood, Romsey, near where we live and my daughters and her friends totally love going on little walks to see them. So far we have managed to find 12 of them and hopefully it won’t be long before even more of them magically appear…no pressure Fairy House Builders 🙂 !!

Considering that there seems to be such a thing as #paintseptember I thought that I would get my paints out and get painting! These tiny houses made the perfect subjects for a little daily painting. I sketched out the image of the house in pen first and then added the water colour. Has anyone else done anything for #paintseptember?

 Rabbitswood Or Abbotswood Fairy House No.1 from Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy Rabbitswood Or Abbotswood Fairy Houses 4 & 5 from Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy

What does the inside of a fairy house look like?

As I was going, I started to imagine what these houses would be like on the inside and made up a little rhyme to go with the to turn them into a book for my children.

 Inside Rabbitswood Or Abbotswood Fairy House no.1 from Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy Inside Rabbitswood Or Abbotswood Fairy House no.6 from Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy

Writing Diary Of A Fairy Tracker

As I was working on linking together my fairy house sketches with a counting rhyme to make a little books for my girls, it was pointed out to me that the number 8 I thought was number 8, wasn’t actually number 8 after all! The real number 8 is quite well hidden on a bank, at the edge of the path in-between houses 6 and 7.

A Photo Of Rabbitswood Fairy House no.8 Abbotswood Romsey

I had this nice little plan for my book before making this discovery. I had written the words and drawn all the illustrations and I was just waiting for there to be 10 little houses until I brought it to a close. I considered a few options; just carrying on with them all wrong and hope no one actually minded, trying to adapt the illustrations to make them fit etc. but in the end I have decided to use this as a great opportunity to change my plot completely and pretend that this was all a totally deliberate mistake 🙂 !! I am actually much happier with my new little plan and so grateful someone told me! I’m nearly done putting it all together, so I hope you’re all looking forward to reading it!

As part of my new story plan, I wanted to draw a little map of the woodland and the houses and include it in the book. I started off with a very rough pencil sketch, then turned it into a pen sketch and then used Derwent Inktense Pencils to add the colour. I hope you love my book and have fun tracking those fairies!

Rabbitswood or Abbotswood Map from Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy

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