From Farley Mount Monument Photography by Heidi Piercy

Farley Mount Photography

Where is Farley Mount Monument?

Farley Mount Country Park is in Hampshire, in the South of England and is very close to the historical city of Winchester. The actual monument stands at the top of a little hill or mount (hence the name of the country park). For more information about the country park and it’s facilities you can check out the Hampshire County Council¬†site. The monument at Farley Mount was built as a memorial to a horse, who fell into a 25ft deep chalk pit, but still managed to win the Hunters Plate race, roughly a year later, in 1734.

The Country Park is a perfect place for short walks and has lots of little car parks and wide tracks, so it is very accessible. We went up for a Sunday afternoon walk there with our children and took a few snaps of the beautiful views from the mount while we were there.

Photographing Farley Mount

The first photo was taken from inside the actual monument and shows the beautiful rolling countryside, framed in the doorway. I love the idea of playing around with ways to naturally frame images and I think that viewing this scene from inside the doorway, turns a rather plain view, into a beautifully glowing picture.

Farley Mount Monument Photography by Heidi Piercy

I know some people will probably disapprove of this method, but I took both of these images using my iPhone. I think the quality of photographs you can take with an iPhone is actually pretty good, but the main reason I usually use my phone for photography, is because I usually have it with me when I am out and about. With ALL the stuff you need to carry around for young children, I really don’t want to add anything extra, like a big camera, to the bag!

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