Romsey Abbey Watercolour Sketch By Heidi Piercy

Romsey Abbey -Pen And Watercolour Sketch

Romsey Abbey is central to the town of Romsey in Hampshire. It is right at the heart of the town and is the oldest and tallest building for miles around.

My friend’s mum has been over to say with her from America and she loved Romsey Abbey, so my friend has asked me to do a picture of the Abbey for her. I feel very honoured to be asked and I hope I have managed to produce something she will like!

I started with a pencil sketch and did lots of rubbing out and changing my mind. Then, once I was a bit more confident with the composition, I turned the pencil sketch into a pen one…

Romsey Abbey pen sketch by Heidi Piercy

I then used my Derwent Inktense Watercolour Pencils to add the colour. I didn’t press too hard with the pencils, because I wanted quite subtle, soft colours to reflect the memory or dream-like nature of how Romsey Abbey must seem to my friend’s mum, now that she is home in America.

You can now buy your own print of this artwork at my shop. Two of the prints of this picture are currently hanging on walls in homes in Belo Horizonte, Brazil so it’s becoming a little bit of an international image! 🙂

Framed Print of Romsey Abbey Watercolour Sketch By Heidi Piercy

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