The Spinnaker Tower painting by Heidi Piercy

Painting Of The Spinnaker Tower

Visit The Spinnaker Tower

The Spinnaker Tower can be seen from miles around, so if you are in the area keep your eyes open for this iconic landmark. You can also pay to go up it, to see the views from the top and they host lots of different types of events, from weddings, to charity abseils. If you fancy visiting the tower, find out more about it on their website:

Painting The Spinnaker Tower

I have always been one for painting things how I see them, rather than worrying too much about photographic realism. This quick painting I did of The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth is no exception, the sky and the sea are not really that colour for a start.

When I was teaching Year 4 (I think), we did a local area study and looked in detail and sketched some of the local places of interest. I used to teach in Gosport so you could sometimes see the top of the Spinnaker Tower from certain parts of the school grounds. This picture above is the quick sketch I did as an example in this lesson and then finished off with a bit of made up detail and colour when I got home.

This was quite an easy/obvious local landmark to pick for that area, if not only for the fact that it towers over everything else, but there were many more to choose from. I tried to do a representation of our local area when producing a painting for my dad’s birthday years ago, but I think I found it so hard because I was trying to fit too many special places onto one painting. If you were going to pick one place that was iconic to your local area what would it be and why?

The Spinnacker Tower Abstract Painting by Heidi Piercy

This is another (a bit more abstract) painting I did of The Spinnaker Tower. I did it as a bit of an IOU present for my dad, cause it was taking me years to get around to finishing his birthday painting. We did a lot of sailing, on the Solent, as a family before my parents moved house, so I hope this reminds them of those fun days on the boat.

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