A Pair Of Giraffes In Love by Heidi Piercy for Twitter art challenges #colour_collective

Fancy Joining In Some Great Twitter Art Challenges?

When I started #artvent (a nice little social media art challenge if I do say so myself, if you fancy joining 1st-25th December every year) I discovered so many more art challenges, which I have loved being part of. They all have a large following of some really talented artists, so whether you are an artist wanting to join in, or an art lover wanting to see some great work, then check out the following hashtags.

Different Twitter Art Challenges:


As the name suggests, this challenge is for the first day of each month and involves sharing a picture you have produced of an animal using #pinchpunchpost. It is run by @pinchpunchpost so follow their account to find out what the animal of the month is.

Pinch Punch Puffer Fish by Heidi Piercy for the Twitter art challenge #pinchpunchpost



This art challenge is run by Finish The Scribble (@3yroldscribble) and requires quite a bit of imagination. Every Sunday they post a different ‘scribble’, done by their son, for people to download and finish off. Just draw what you see and then post your picture using #3yroldscribble.

Scribble Stingray by Heidi Piercy for the Twitter art challenge #3yroldscribble


Every week Colour Collective (@Clr_Collective) post a different colour and the aim of the challenge is to produce a piece of art that uses that colour in some way and then post it on Twitter at 19:30 GMT using #colour_collective.

Snow At Rabbitswood Fairy House No.1 by Heidi Piercy for the Twitter art challenge #colour_collective


Animal Alphabets (@AnimalAlphabets) post a different animal each week for people to do a picture of and then every Monday at 19:30 GMT you can post your images using #AnimalAlphabets. More recently they have been doing different themes for their alphabets e.g. mythical beasts or fairy tale creatures so check out their account if you want to see what’s next.

Z is for Zebra Shark by Heidi Piercy for the Twitter art challenge #animalalphabets

Most of these hashtags appear on other social media platforms, but they all have a strong following on Twitter, so I would recommend searching for them on there first (if you are on it)! Please let us know how you get on, or if you have found any other art challenges to recommend.

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