Lake District Painting-Commissioned Artwork by Heidi Piercy

Lake District Painting-Commissioned Artwork For My Sister

Years ago I made a large canvas Lake District painting, just because I LOVE the Lakes and I wanted something to brighten up a teal wall in our house at the time. Although we have moved house, this painting still hangs in our living room and it always reminds me of this beautiful part of the world. My sister lives in the Lake District now (lucky thing!) and loves it just as much as me and wanted a similar painting for her house. She turns 30 in a couple of weeks time so I thought I would paint her one for her birthday.

Painting a commissioned piece is slightly different to doing it for yourself so there were a few things I needed to find out from my sister before I started:

  • The rough size of the painting she wanted
  • What kind of a canvas she wanted -she chose a wrap around canvas
  • The subject -she wanted any Lake District view so I went for one similar to my original painting
  • Colour scheme -I did give her a choice of what she wanted the main colours in the painting to be-she chose a blue and pink sunset

Once I had all the info I needed from my sister for her Lake District Painting, I sketched out a rough design onto the canvas in pencil. This basically consisted of a line through the middle of the canvas for where I wanted the land to join the lake so it could be roughly central in the image.

The first bit I painted was the sky. As I was using acrylic paints, I needed to do this all in one go as the paint dries so quickly and permanently. The next day (I paint while my children nap), I used the same colours to do most of the water of the lake. Using the same paints as I used for the sky gave a more realistic reflection effect and I quite like a bit of symmetry. I painted on the land using a mixture of white and black paint, mixed together to make different tones of grey and black. Although I had already painted the water, I did go over the bit closer to the land after I had finished the rest of the painting so that it was a more accurate reflection.

The paler grey mountains are loosely based on Langdale Pikes, which means the lake is Elterwater, but it isn’t a completely realistic representation. I wanted to give the feeling of a Lake District sunset rather than producing a photographic style image.

My sister’s finance has just sent me a photo of my Lake District painting hanging up on the wall above their bed. I hope they like it!

Lake District Painting-commissioned artwork on the wall by Heidi Piercy

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