Front and side of Rabbitswood Fairy Bollard Cover by Heidi Piercy for Romsey Festival Yarn Bomb

Romsey Festival Yarn Bombing-Rabbitswood Fairy Knitted Bollard Cover

What Is The Romsey Festival?

Romsey Festival is a brilliant event that takes place every 3 years in our lovely, little Hampshire town. It is a celebration of the huge range of local talent, creatives, businesses etc. and is packed full of art, music, entertainment and fun. This year’s festival runs from 1st-16th July 2017 and a full list of whats on can be found on the Romsey Festival website.

Yarn Bombing

For the 2017 festival, King John’s House And Heritage Centre organised a yarn bomb. The plan was that local groups or businesses can knit a bollard cover, that is personal to them, to cover as many of the bollards in town as possible.

Rabbitswood Fairy Knitted Bollard Cover

To go with my books, I thought I would turn one of these bollards into a Rabbitswood Fairy. This was my initial idea:

Rabbitswood Fairy Knitted Bollard Cover Design by Heidi Piercy for the Romsey Festival

My books are set in the fictional Rabbitswood in Tomsey, which is inspired by the fairy houses in Abbotswood in Romsey…see what I did there?! 🙂 So I thought this would be a great opportunity to turn this into a bit of a community project for Abbotswood. I asked the local residents  and friends and family if they would like to be involved in knitting squares for the fairy’s dress and if their children could make pom-poms for it. I couldn’t knit or crochet at all when I signed up to this project, so I am extremely grateful for all the help I received. So it’s time for some thanks…

  • The fairy house builders will always be high on my list of my Rabbitswood thank you list. Sketching their enchanted little houses is what started me writing in the first place, so all of this fairy fun wouldn’t exist without them. They are simply brilliant and they have brought magic to our little local woodland.
  • My mum, my mother in law and my friends Jemma and Cheryl (who usually knits/crochets to raise money and awareness for The MS Society) have helped me LOADS. They have all inspired me, taught me stuff (which is a big challenge!!), given me ideas, made bits of this bollard cover and have all been there to listen to me rabbiting on about Rabbitswood!Knitting Rabbitswood Fairy Bollard Cover For Romsey Festival
  • My Auntie Gill, Peggy, Jen and Ames have all been amazing and have all given up some of their precious time to make me some brilliant squares for the fairy’s dress. I hugely appreciate their contribution-they are all hugely talented ladies!
  • The next generation of creative geniuses have also been busy making eye catching little pom-poms to decorate the fairy’s skirt. So a really BIG thanks to all the following little helpers: Isla, Amber, River, Harlan, Emmet, Thea, Noah, Lilia, Jess and Rowan. Jess and Rowan have just added their pom poms to Rabbitswood Fairy and there is still space at the bottom if you want your children to make one and add it on.

My Rabbitswood Fairy will be up in the town centre for the whole of the Romsey Festival, so please pay her a visit if you are in the area.

Children Hugging Rabbitswood Fairy Bollard Cover by Heidi Piercy for Romsey Festival Yarn Bomb




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