Creative Dance With Dawn

Creative Dance With Dawn is a brilliant new dance class for pre schoolers in Romsey Hampshire. It is run by an inspirational, fun lady called Dawn …the clue was in the title 🙂 and it is held at The Abbey Rooms from 9:15 to 10 on Friday mornings. If you’re on Facebook and want to find out a bit more about it then check out her Facebook Page.

Rabbitswood Fairy Dance by Creative Dance With Dawn, Romsey

Rabbitswood Fairy Dance

I was very honoured the other day when Dawn asked me if she could do a dance class inspired by my Rabbitswood Fairy House books. It was such a brilliant session-the children had so much fun and they are all such amazing little creative dancers.

As well as dancing as tiny little fairies, they also got to make their own fairy houses, which they then linked together with a path of rose petals.

Building Rabbitswood Fairy Houses by Creative Dance With Dawn, Romsey

My books are my own little creative visions so it was brilliant to see someone else using them as inspiration for their artistic expression. I am definitely no dancer myself (as my husband often kindly tells me) so I’m glad the children and Dawn had the rhythm and talent to bring the magical Rabbitswood to life in their dances.

Trail Of Rose Petals Between Rabbitswood Fairy Houses by Creative Dance With Dawn, Romsey


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