Maltese Limestone is a brilliant rock for beginners to stone carving…which is exactly what I am! 🙂 I literally have no experience for stone carving, and not much of working in 3d at all really, but my mum went on a stone carving course a few years ago and the stone sculptures she has produced since then have been incredible! My mother in law thought I might like to try it too, so she got me a day’s course by Moira Ross at Rum’s Eg in Romsey as an Easter present.

Maltese Limestone Carving Of Rabbitswood Rabbit by Heidi Piercy -course by Moira Ross (photo on post)

The course was brilliant, we started with a lump of dull, white rock and all of us produced, very different, but very special rabbits at the end of the class, which we got to take home with us. I am notoriously bad at following instructions, so I really liked Moira Ross’ style of teaching, as she encouraged us all to put our own unique spin on our rabbits, while still subtly guiding us through the new skills and techniques we needed.

Maltese Limestone Carving Of Rabbitswood Rabbit by Heidi Piercy -course by Moira Ross (areal photo on bridge)

My fairytale children’s books are set in an enchanted woodland called Rabbitswood and The Rabbitswood Settlers features some wonderfully helpful rabbits, who show the fairies the way to a new home. I like to think that my Maltese Limestone Rabbit is actually one of the Rabbitswood Rabbits, so I must take him up to see the real life version of the Rabbitswood Fairy Houses soon.

In my opinion stone carving was an ideal course subject, as it would have taken a hell of a long time for me to have taught myself all of that and I left with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to try it myself at home. I bought a couple of other pieces of stone from Moira at the end of the course, so I’ll let you know when/if I make any further creations. I was thinking of may be making another rabbit and a fairy, but left to my own devices I might just be left with a pile of rubble and dust! 🙂

Maltese Limestone Carving Of Rabbitswood Rabbit by Heidi Piercy -course by Moira Ross (photo with tree)

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  1. I came across your blog today. I love that you have taken your rabbit out and about. Thanks for the lovely comments about my course. so glad you enjoyed it.
    I’m in Salisbury if you ever want to do another one.

    1. Ha ha yes I thought I’d take him out for a little hop about before I put him pride of place in our house! Such a shame that Rums Eg closed so we don’t have courses quite as local anymore but Salisbury isn’t that far away so I will definitely bare that in mind for the future. Thanks again for a brilliant course and anyone else reading this Moira’s courses are great-check them out!xx

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