The Romsey Yarn Bomb Bollard Covers are back for 2018! The bollard covers have gone up earlier this year than last year’s (March 29th till May 8th) and have a spring theme. Despite the hard work and my complete lack of knitting/crocheting ability when starting, I loved being involved last year, so I signed up this year too. I have the same bollard (no.44, on The Hundred, just outside M&Co), which I think should now be known as The Heidi Piercy Bollard 🙂 !! Last year I made a Rabbitswood Fairy bollard to go with my children’s books and this year I thought I would stick with the fairy theme, but make one of the fairy house trees instead.

Once I had sketched out my design, I started crocheting the boring background bit. I took it everywhere with me, much to the exasperation of my husband, even the car wash! While he was scrubbing the car on the outside, I was crocheting away on the inside…not the best way to break down those gender stereotypes!! 🙂

Once I finished making this background bit I got onto the more interesting parts. As it is a spring theme, I needed lots of green leaves for the top of the tree. I wanted these to be made in a variety of different styles and materials to give the canopy a more of an interesting texture.

I made a few with my children to go on there. We started by gathering lots of died out oak leaves from the actual Rabbitswood Fairy House trees. Then we took them home to paint and do rubbings with them.

I also had a go at crocheting my own oak leaves. Obviously, as per usual, I didn’t really want to follow a pattern, so I just made it up as I went along, but they seem to have turned out ok.

One of the best things about last year’s project, was all the generous contributions I got given. This year was no different and I have had some brilliant help from some wonderfully talented friends and family and some great local groups. Special thanks to all the children and adults from Halterworth Playgroup, Romsey Abbey Baby and Toddler Group and Tiddlywinks Playgroup for all the beautiful leaves and to Zoe from Halterworth Playgroup and Sarah the brilliant Romsey Rapids swimming teacher for the magical windows.

I have also been given some great leaves by my friends and their children and family member, even my sister’s dog, Floyd, helped make one with his paw print!

I am very grateful for all your help and support-it would be a very sad looking tree without you all so thanks a million!xx

My bollard will be up on Romsey High Street (The Hundred) until 8th May so please go check it out and I would love to see your bollard selfies.







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  1. Yo Heidi!!! Arthur would love to be involved this year… he couldn’t understand why he wasn”t last year!?
    Please let me know what and when he can be of help.
    Sheena x

    1. That’s brilliant thank you!! I basically need oak leaves in whatever material/style he would like (although it needs to be spring rather than autumn colours this year). They need to be weather resistant materials or done on something that I can laminate and it would be nice if his name was on them somewhere so that they can be identified as his…other than that it is completely up to him-he can write/draw something on them too if he likes. There’s quite a quick turn around this year but if you could get them to me before this time next month that would be great! Thanks again Arthur!

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