Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand Pen Sketch By Artist Heidi Piercy

Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand Sketch For The Park Cafe

I drew Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand as a thank you to the wonderful members of staff at The Park Cafe. A couple of years ago we decided to chance the October weather and hold our youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday party in Romsey Memorial Park. We guessed that even if the weather was totally awful, as long as the children dressed for properly then they would have fun even if it was chucking it down. Luckily the worse we had to contend with was a bit of chilly drizzle and they all had a great time running around all over the place.

While we were setting up, Sally, the lady who runs The Park Cafe came over and kindly asked us if we would like to borrow their gazebo and some chairs for the grown ups to sit on. This party was such a hit that we decided to hold our eldest daughter’s 5th birthday there too. Seeing as that’s in July we thought it might be a better time of year for an outdoor party and we actually spoke to the Sally first this time to book it in. The staff were utterly brilliant yet again and not only provided us with a gazebo, some chairs and a table but they also came over and set them all up for us. I could not recommend that place highly enough. They have a wide range of tasty food and drink at really affordable prices and they really do go above and beyond to make your trip to the park really great.

They have never asked for anything in return for being so brilliant, although we are definitely regular customers, so I wanted to give them something to say thank you. The bandstand is right in the middle of the park and you can see if from the cafe so I thought that would be the ideal view to sketch. I did toy with the idea of adding some colour to the picture and our girls wanted to be in it (like the photo above) but when I got to this point it just felt finished so I have left it here. I hope they like it.

Just like I did with my okapi and Labrador puppy sketches I will be posting sections of this sketch on my social media pages to see if people can guess what it is before I reveal the whole thing. I wonder if anyone will be able to guess where it is. …well hopefully they will be able to when I show the whole thing anyway!! 🙂 Thanks again Sally and all the staff at The Park Cafe.

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