Married At Romsey Abbey Sketch by Artist Heidi Piercy

Married At Romsey Abbey

Married At Romsey Abbey is a sketch I did as a present for our lovely friends Matt and Emma who got married here recently. It was such an amazing wedding and they made it so special for all their guests, especially the children. Our girls had a total blast playing with the Lego and star fishing on the dance floor at Ampfield Golf Club.

I originally thought about sketching the outside of Romsey Abbey, but I have done this before (see it here) so I wanted to do something a little bit different. I have been to a few weddings at the Abbey now and I know roughly where they go during the different parts of the service, so I started by using photographs I’ve taken of the inside of the building to sketch out a plan for the picture in pencil.

Once I had done this, I started adding in the detail in pen, making sure I left a gap to draw in the happy couple afterwards.

Sketching Married At Romsey Abbey by Heidi Piercy

I had no idea what they would both be wearing so I couldn’t draw them in before the actual wedding. Well I did have a few guesses, so I sketched a rough outline in pencil but I was wrong with Emma so I’m glad I didn’t chance it and draw them in pen before seeing them. During the service I managed to take a few photos of them roughly in the right position so that I could use them to finish off the rest of the sketch afterwards.

As I couldn’t finish sketching Married At Romsey Abbey until after the wedding, I still haven’t given it to Matt and Emma as they had just left for their honeymoon when I finished it, so lets hope they don’t suddenly decide to start reading my blog while they’re away! 🙂 I’ll give it to them as soon as they get back and I hope they like it.

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