This wren drawing is a little sketch I did as a birthday present for one of my daughter’s friends who has a couple of special links to this bird.

Wrens are one of the smallest birds in Britain. They have short, stubby wings and a distinctive sticking up tail. They build their nests in places like trees, walls or banks and when we were visiting my parents last year in Staffordshire we were lucky enough to be shown a wren going back and forwards to it’s nest on the side of a tree trunk at Wolseley Bridge.

I sketched it with pen like I have done with some other animals already like my sister’s Labrador puppy and the okapi for my friend’s birthday. I love working in pen, especially for animals cause you can create so many different tones and textures for things like fur and feathers.

I try to put most of my art on Zazzle, they have lots of different products and not only have I personalised them with my art but you can also personalise them some more by adding other images or text or change colours etc. so have a look and if you want your own copy of this wren drawing then check out my Zazzle Store.

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