Heidi Piercy Author Visit to Ysgol’s Trefonnen

Ysgol Trefonnen, Llandrindod Wells Author Visit

My friend Kelly works in the pre school at Ysgol Trefonnen and as I used to live in Llandrindod and my gran still lives there she asked me if I was ever back up in Wales and if so would I be happy to come into the pre school to do an author visit. At the time she asked we didn’t actually have any Welsh trips planned in, but it sounded like a great excuse for a holiday! We checked the school dates and when we found out the Hampshire schools had half term the week before Wales we decided to book a holiday for that week with the author visit in the middle.

As you may already know, my Rabbitswood Fairy books are based around the different fairies that live in houses numbered 1-25. I have written the rhyme for all these houses and have published the book for fairy number 1 (Jemma) and have nearly published the book for fairies 4 & 5 (Lisa and Sandra). I wanted to do something a little bit special for Ysgol Trefonnen Pre School as a thank you for inviting me in, so I decided to dedicate a new book based on Fairy 17 to them. Fairy 17 is going to be in charge of looking after all the fairy house trees in Rabbitswood so they have to live at the top of a really tall tree so they can keep an eye on all of them. I find picking names a little bit stressful (I’ve been a teacher for too long 🙂 ), so I sent Ysgol Trefonnen a letter asking them to pick a name for this fairy for me.

When I got there they were so welcoming and they had done so much on the fairy theme in preparation for my visit. They had all chosen names for fairy number 17 and I got to close my eyes and pick one of them out of a box. So fairy number 17 is now called Sapphire, which I love! As well as reading Diary Of A Fairy Tracker and The Rabbitswood Settlers they had also built their own fairy garden with little houses made out of yoghurt pots.

Last year me and my girls planted a genuine 🙂 Rabbitswood Acorn and it grew into a mini oak tree. I gave it to the pre school for their fairy garden because I wanted them to have a bit of the real Rabbitswood and I wanted to give this tree a chance to grow big and strong…it may need to be moved out of the actual fairy garden and planted near by before it does that though! 🙂 

I also brought in a Rabbitswood acorn for each of the children and they planted them in little pots while I was there-I’m looking forward to hearing about how they get on with growing them.

Thank you so much for inviting me to come visit your lovely pre school Kelly-you guys have created a really magical setting for some totally fabulous children. Keep me updated on how the fairy forest gets on and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of Sapphire’s book. 🙂

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