Beautiful Thistle And Rose Handmade Resin Ornament by Heidi Piercy

Bespoke Resin Casting …and The Communal Broccoli!

My journey into the world of bespoke resin casting began with some broccoli! …yes I did say broccoli! 🙂

For the last couple of years when our daughters’ friends have had a party they have had veg platters for dipping in hummus etc. and one of the things usually on the platter is raw broccoli. (It’s not just a vegetable eating party by the way-they always do great kids parties, which our children always really enjoy…but for the sake of this post I am just going to talk about the broccoli! 🙂 )

I know eating raw broccoli is not a novelty for everyone but a lot of us party guest parents had never tried it before and it has intrigued us every year! So this year, like a proper child, I dared my friend to have a nibble on a piece. Then we got really carried away and ended up taking the broccoli around all of our friends for us all to eat a tiny bit of it and called it The Communal Broccoli! As it had suddenly become such a weirdly special vegetable in our/my life I wanted to find a way to preserve it and that’s when I thought of bespoke resin casting.

The Communal Broccoli

Most of us are in a WhatsApp Group that is ‘meant to’ be to do with running so we thought that the Communal Broccoli could be made into a medal and trophy for the person who does the most running each week…I never win it!!

After the broccoli I experimented with casting lots of other things in resin from sweets to flowers, which I’ll show you below. I’m all out of resin at the moment but if you did have something special you wanted preserving in a beautiful/quirky way then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

This beautiful paperweight is a real favourite of mine. The orange came from some drink my mother-in-law had at Costa and I think it adds a brilliant colour to the piece.

I wanted to try out casting sweets because my brother in law proposed to my sister with a Haribo Ring so we were wondering if this might be a good way to preserve it.

This was potpourri, which was really great to cast because it kept it’s colour and shape really well.

Beautiful Thistle And Rose Handmade Resin Ornament by Heidi PiercyThistle And Rose Beautiful Resin Ornament Handmade by Heidi PiercyThistle And Rose Resin Ornament by Heidi PiercyThistle And Rose Beautiful Resin Paperweight Handmade by Heidi Piercy

This handmade resin ornament was for my sister in law who makes ADORABLE accessories under the name Thistle And Rose…hence the thistle and rose in the resin! 🙂 If you have children then please check out her website because it’s packed full of some lovely little gems.

Beautiful Handmade Resin Friendship BraceletFriendship BraceletsHandmade Resin Friendship Bracelet

As many of you know, we have just moved to Wales and as a goodbye present one of my daughters’ friends got them some friendship bracelets so I thought I’d try casting a couple of them in resin-pretty please with how it turned out.

Beautiful Resin OrnamentBeautiful Resin Ornamental Table Decoration

This set of resin chemicals was really stinky before it was cast so I thought I would just use the whole thing up in one go. I made a makeshift mould using bubble wrap and a cardboard box and poured the rest of the resin mixture in along with some drops of paint. It was great to see how it turned out and I think it makes a great table centre piece.


Thank you for all your support for my crazy resin adventures, however I have recently decided it is not the art form for me. I have given all my resin stuff to the brilliant Simon Jeffreys from Made By Hand so if you’re here looking for a great resin crafter then check out his page.

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