Luna The German Shepherd Personalised Rainbow Dog Portraits

Personalised Digital Rainbow Dog Portraits

To order your own personalised rainbow dog portraits please just check out my shop. Send me a picture of your treasured pet and for just £5 I will turn it into a beautiful rainbow pet portrait. I will send you your artwork as a high resolution image so you will be able to upload it or get it printed.

I started doing personalised rainbow dog portraits because I saw on Twitter a thing called ‘Doggust’ which is something to do with drawing dogs in August and then posting them on social media using the hashtag #doggust. I was a bit late to the party and only found out this was a thing a week into August so I decided to do my own thing a bit and draw my the dogs that belong to my friends and family.

My friend Kelly has a sticker on her car of a multicoloured German Shepherd and I’ve always wanted to do a digital sketch full of lots of rainbow colours like that so I thought #doggust might be a good opportunity to give it a try.

The first rainbow dog portrait I did was of a dog called Luna, who is Kelly’s youngest German Shepherd. I started with a beautiful picture she took of her and imported it into Procreate on my iPad. I then drew round the outline so that it was actually a personalised picture of Luna, not just a generic German Shepherd.

Then I just went wild, adding lots of different colours and brush textures until I’d created a beautiful personalised picture that really captured Luna’s spirit.

Luna The German Shepard Personalised Rainbow Dog Portraits

Kelly has another beautiful German Shepherd called Scarlett (Scar for short) so I did a pet portrait of her too. They are such sweet natured, adorable dogs, Kelly and her family have worked wonders with them. I hope I have managed to capture their colourful characters.

Personalised Rainbow Dog Portrait Of Scarlet The German Shepard

After I sent her the pictures of Luna and Scarlet, Kelly asked if I could do a rainbow dog portrait of her sister in law’s Yorkie Chihuahua called Indi. I hope she likes it.

Personalised Rainbow Dog Portrait Of Indi the Yorki Chihuahua

When I was last back Down South I took a photo of my friend Rhiannon’s dog Sunny and I used that picture to turn him into a rainbow dog too. “Is Sunny really rainbow coloured?”…genuine question from one of my girls!

Personalised Rainbow Dog Portrait Of Sunny the sunshine dog

I’ve done a few pieces of artwork featuring my sister’s bouncy little lab, Floyd, so I had to turn him into one of my rainbow dogs.

Floyd the Labrador Personalised Rainbow Pet Portraits

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