Digital tree portraits by Heidi Piercy -Rabbitswood fairy house number 1

Digital Tree Portraits -Beautifully Capturing Nature’s Giants

You can now get your own beautiful, personalised tree portrait with half the money going to Tir Coed Charity. Just check out my shop.

I first started getting into creating digital tree portraits because I wanted to capture the structural beauty of a wonderful old tree on the outskirts of Romsey, Hampshire. It is a dead tree so I’m not exactly sure what type it is but I think it’s an oak. If anyone can identify it please let me know.

Romsey Old Oak Tree Photograph by Heidi Piercy tree portraits

Back then I was using Sketchbook and a Wacom tablet and was really just starting out experimenting with digital art. I imported a photograph I took of the tree (above) into Sketchbook and then drew over the outline of it so I had an exact copy. It was at the same time as the Twitter art challenge #colour_collective had a lovely rich green as their colour of the week, so I decided to combine the two and create the tree portrait using that colour.

Romsey Old Oak Tree Digital Art by Heidi Piercy tree portraits

For a little bit more on this particular tree portrait please check out my earlier post.

Since then, because I saved and saved all my birthday and Christmas money for YEARS I managed to buy myself an iPad and got Procreate for it and now I do all of my digital art on there. The first tree portrait I did on it was Rabbitswood Fairy House Tree no.1, which is on Abbotswood in Romsey, Hampshire. If you check out my YouTube Channel you can see the video of this being made.

I’ll be honest with you, when the climate change campaigns/marches etc. took off a couple of years ago I did get quite worried about the future of the planet and the whole thing was very overwhelming. I wanted/needed to do something more than trying to live as environmentally friendly as possible and that is where the selling of the tree portraits and giving half the money to charity came from. Tir Coed are a brilliant, local, woodland charity and well deserving of winning the vote to receive half the money from each portrait. So if you have a special tree that means something to you and want it turned into one of these beautiful portraits then please get in touch-I love seeing our digital forest grow.

Digital tree portraits by Heidi Piercy -Rabbitswood fairy house number 1

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