How To Animate Using Procreate -Dragon Short Film by Heidi Piercy

How To Animate Using Procreate -Radnor Fringe Festival Film Challenge

I first started learning to animate using Procreate to make a film for the Radnor Fringe Festival 2020 Film Challenge. Due to Coronavirus, this year’s festival is taking place online, but they are still doing the 28 Day Film Challenge and I thought it would be nice to give it a go with my daughters…but first I actually had to learn how to animate using Procreate because I had never done it before!!

The theme for this year’s challenge is ’Dragons’ so I started with a really simple animation of a dragon snapping it’s mouth open and shut. I turned on ‘Animation Assist’ and that gave me the option to create different frames that then could be stitched together to form the animation. I chose to draw three very simple dragon heads, that would look like a fairly natural movement when played together.

How To Animate Using Procreate -Dragon Short Film by Heidi Piercy

Procreate gives you the option to loop the frames, do them as one shot or Ping-Pong them back and forwards. I think this one works really well looped as a GIF with the dragon’s mouth snapping open and shut over and over again. I had to turn it into a ‘one shot’ film to create this little ‘How To’ video for YouTube and added the sound for it in Final Cut Pro (with a little a lot of help from my husband)!

My little dragon GIF was just a practice really of how to animate using Procreate. If you want to see mine and the girls’ finished films, then keep an eye on the Radnor Fringe Festival YouTube Channel (I think they will be showing all the films on the 19th June). I had so much fun making these films-think I’ve caught the animation bug so if you want to see my latest weird and wonderful creations, (as the ‘cool kids’ of YouTube say) …check out my YouTube Channel and hit that Subscribe button!! ✨😄

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