The Temple Bar Llandrindod Wells art by Heidi Piercy

The Temple Bar Llandrindod Wells -Procreate Pen Sketch

The Temple Bar in Llandrindod Wells is our local. When we moved to the area, I already knew the town pretty well, having grown up here (although I had been away for 20 years), but my husband and kids had only been a handful of times . So we needed to put down some new roots of our own and for us that meant we needed to find a new ‘Local’!

Our old local had been a proper ‘pubs pub’, it had a front and back bar, a pool table and a great little beer garden with a climbing frame. The Temple Bar is not like this- The Temple Bar is a bar! But from the moment we first went there we knew we had properly settled in this lovely little town. You know how in the theme song to Cheers they say “Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” That’s what it feels like there for us. (Well they definitely know our names-not sure about the bit about them being glad we’re there 😄 !)
I wanted to do a sketch of this wonderful place because we as a family have missed it during Corona’times! We miss those carefree chats with Phil and Paul and any friends that happen to be there. We miss playing a good game of cards and the kids getting tea there after one of the many after school clubs that used to be on in pre-Corona times and we miss stopping in for a quick break on the way back from a LONG walk.
I know by writing this I risk sounding like I drink too much but pubs are not just about alcohol-I can still buy truck loads of that from the supermarkets if I wanted it-I miss the place and the people!

Phil and Paul-thank you for welcoming us and giving us a new local and I hope it’s safe to get that bit of normal back soon!

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