Llandrindod Wells Lake Poem – Places Of Poetry Map

Llandrindod Wells Lake Poem by Heidi Piercy pinned on the Places Of Poetry map

I pinned my Llandrindod Wells Lake Poem on the Places of Poetry Map that I saw briefly on Countryfile a few months ago. When I first saw it I pinned the first ten houses from my Rabbitswood Fairy House Rhyme that I feature in The Rabbitswood Fairy House Colouring Book and Diary Of A Fairy […]

Ysgol Trefonnen, Llandrindod Wells Author Visit

Heidi Piercy Author Visit to Ysgol’s Trefonnen

My friend Kelly works in the pre school at Ysgol Trefonnen and as I used to live in Llandrindod and my gran still lives there she asked me if I was ever back up in Wales and if so would I be happy to come into the pre school to do an author visit. At […]

My Romsey Yarn Bomb Bollard Cover 2018

Heidi Piercy’s 2018 Romsey Yarn Bomb Bollard Cover

The Romsey Yarn Bomb Bollard Covers are back for 2018! The bollard covers have gone up earlier this year than last year’s (March 29th till May 8th) and have a spring theme. Despite the hard work and my complete lack of knitting/crocheting ability when starting, I loved being involved last year, so I signed up […]

Build Your Own Fairy House Using Found Or Recycled Materials

Build Your Own Fairy House example found near the Gruffalo Trail at Bolderwood in The New Forest by Heidi Piercy

Want to build your own fairy house like Rabbitswood Fairy 20? The resourceful fairy number twenty is always travelling around. She builds a new house each month with what she finds on the ground.  Towards the end of my Rabbitswood Fairy House Colouring Book I started to leave more and more blank space on the […]

Maltese Limestone Carving Of A Rabbitswood Rabbit-Course by Moira Ross

Maltese Limestone Carving Of Rabbitswood Rabbit by Heidi Piercy -course by Moira Ross (landscape photo on bridge)

Maltese Limestone is a brilliant rock for beginners to stone carving…which is exactly what I am! 🙂 I literally have no experience for stone carving, and not much of working in 3d at all really, but my mum went on a stone carving course a few years ago and the stone sculptures she has produced […]

Conulus Echinoid Flint Fossil Found In Abbotswood, Romsey

Conulus Echinoid Flint Fossil Found In Abbotswood, Romsey, Hampshire by Heidi Piercy (in hands)

We found a Conulus Echinoid flint fossil …I think! 🙂 This is more of a Request For Information rather than an informative post, because I have so many questions following our amazing find! Where We Found Our Fossil Me and my children were walking through the little patch of woodland, which I call Rabbitswood in […]