Wren Drawing -More Birthday Present Art!

Wren Sketch by Artist Heidi Piercy

This wren drawing is a little sketch I did as a birthday present for one of my daughter’s friends who has a couple of special links to this bird. Wrens are one of the smallest birds in Britain. They have short, stubby wings and a distinctive sticking up tail. They build their nests in places […]

Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand Sketch For The Park Cafe

Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand Pen Sketch By Artist Heidi Piercy

I drew Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand as a thank you to the wonderful members of staff at The Park Cafe. A couple of years ago we decided to chance the October weather and hold our youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday party in Romsey Memorial Park. We guessed that even if the weather was totally awful, as […]