Married At Romsey Abbey

Married At Romsey Abbey Sketch by Artist Heidi Piercy

Married At Romsey Abbey is a sketch I did as a present for our lovely friends Matt and Emma who got married here recently. It was such an amazing wedding and they made it so special for all their guests, especially the children. Our girls had a total blast playing with the Lego and star […]

Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand Sketch For The Park Cafe

Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand Pen Sketch By Artist Heidi Piercy

I drew Romsey Memorial Park Bandstand as a thank you to the wonderful members of staff at The Park Cafe. A couple of years ago we decided to chance the October weather and hold our youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday party in Romsey Memorial Park. We guessed that even if the weather was totally awful, as […]

Cute Black Labrador Puppy Sketch

Black Labrador Puppy Sketch By Artist Heidi Piercy

My sister and my brother in law have just got an adorable little black Labrador puppy called Floyd. My brother in law, Rob, turned 30 a couple of weeks after my friend Kelly, who I drew the okapi for, so I thought I could draw him something for his birthday too. Of course, if I […]