Diary Of A Fairy Tracker by Heidi Piercy

Diary Of A Fairy Tracker

My first book, Diary Of A Fairy Tracker,  is now available to buy on Amazon.


Do you ever hear the pitter patter of tiny footsteps or see the leaves on trees rustling when there isn’t any wind? Well you’re probably lucky enough to have been very close to a fairy and this is just the right book for you!

This is the diary of Fairy Tracker Joe and is packed full of the magical discoveries he made in the enchanted Rabbitswood.

Things were going well for Joe until a letter arrived and he discovers he’s been tricked!

The beautifully hand-drawn illustrations and rhyming verse will develop children’s love of reading and spur their imaginations and creativity. It is the perfect book to read to young children or for older children to read and explore on their own. It could even be used as an educational resource e.g. map work in geography, or as a writing prompt to think about the stories of the fairies who live there.


There have been little fairy houses popping up all over the woodland paths in Abbotswood, Romsey, near where we lived and my daughters and her friends totally loved going on little walks to see them.

Considering that there seems to be such a thing as #paintseptember I thought that I would get my paints out and get painting! These tiny houses made the perfect subjects for a little daily painting. I sketched out the image of the house in pen first and then added the water colour.

What does the inside of a fairy house look like?

As I was going, I started to imagine what these houses would be like on the inside and made up a little rhyme to go with the to turn them into a book for my children. 

As I was working on linking together my fairy house sketches with a counting rhyme to make a little books for my girls, it was pointed out to me that the number 8 I thought was number 8, wasn’t actually number 8 after all! The real number 8 is quite well hidden on a bank, at the edge of the path in-between houses 6 and 7.

I had this nice little plan for my book before making this discovery. I had written the words and drawn all the illustrations and I was just waiting for there to be 10 little houses until I brought it to a close. I considered a few options; just carrying on with them all wrong and hope no one actually minded, trying to adapt the illustrations to make them fit etc. but in the end I have decided to use this as a great opportunity to change my plot completely and pretend that this was all a totally deliberate mistake 🙂 !! I am actually much happier with my new little plan and so grateful someone told me!

A Few Thanks 🙂

I take inspiration from everything around me. I am very lucky to have a brilliant circle of family and friends, who support and inspire me every day and without this turning into some kind of crazy acceptance speech, when I haven’t actually won anything I would just like to take this opportunity to say a few little thanks for my first book:

  • Thanks to the creative and brilliant fairy house builders, who have not only inspired me to write, but have also brought magic and a spirit of adventure to the real life version of Rabbitswood…where ever that may be!
  • Thanks to my husband Tim Piercy, who helped with most of the technical parts of getting this book to print. I know you may have slightly less hair than you did when you started, but I do appreciate all your help!
  • Thanks mum for always being the person I can trust to proof read anything I write, for being a pure creative inspiration and for coming up with the name Rabbitswood.
  • Thank you to author and friend, Tara Ford, who has helped me navigate the writers world!

…end of weird acceptance speech!!