Abbotswood Fairy House Tree Portrait



Abbotswood Fairy House Tree Portrait

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Abbotswood is a new housing estate in Romsey, Hampshire and at it’s edge is a little oak woodland. A few years ago magical fairy houses started to appear in these trees (this particular tree held Fairy House number 1). Drawing these houses is what got me into writing children’s books, so this tree is very special to me.

To get your own Abbotswood Fairy House Tree Portrait is just £25 + the cost to print in your required size and postage, with half of that £25 going to Tir Coed Charity. I am 100% sure I don’t need to rabbit on and on at you about the importance of trees. We all know it is essential that we plant, preserve and protect these brilliant green giants, but I also think it is important to celebrate them. This is exactly what I do with my digital tree portraits.

I use photographs to draw an exact replica of the tree’s outline, so every tree portrait captures the unique spirit of each individual tree.

If you order this product it will be printed as an A3 poster for £35, including printing and postage. If you would like a different print option or if you would like this image personalised e.g. changing the colours, please Contact Me to discuss.

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