Oker Hill Tree Portrait



Oker Hill Tree Portrait

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Oker Hill Tree or is an iconic sycamore in the Peak District. The story goes that, years ago, when two brother’s separated (one stayed local and one went abroad), they each planted a tree to celebrate their bond. While one tree fell a while ago, the other one still stand today and it even inspired Wordsworth to write a sonnet about it.

“Tis said that to the brow of yon fair hill
Two brother clomb; and turning face from face
Nor one look more exchanging, grief to still
Or feed, each planted on that lofty place
A chosen tree. Then eager to fulfil
Their courses, like two new-born rivers, they
In opposite directions urged their way
Down from the far-seen mount. No blast might kill
Or blight that fond memorial. The trees grew
And now entwine, their arms’ but ne’er again
Embraced those brothers upon earth’s wide plain,
Nor aught of mutual joy or sorrow knew
Until their spirits mingled in the sea
That to itself takes all – Eternity”

~William Wordsworth

To get your own Oker Hill Tree Portrait is just £25 + the cost to print in your required size and postage, with half of that £25 going to Tir Coed Charity. I am 100% sure I don’t need to rabbit on and on at you about the importance of trees. We all know it is essential that we plant, preserve and protect these brilliant green giants, but I also think it is important to celebrate them. This is exactly what I do with my digital tree portraits.

I use photographs to draw an exact replica of the tree’s outline, so every tree portrait captures the unique spirit of each individual tree.

If you order this product it will be printed as an A3 poster for £35, including printing and postage. If you would like a different print option or if you would like this image personalised e.g. changing the colours, please Contact Me to discuss.

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