Personalised Rainbow Pet Portraits


Personalised Rainbow Pet Portraits

Send me a picture of your treasured pet and for just £5 I will turn it into a beautiful rainbow pet portrait. I will send you your artwork as a high resolution image so you will be able to upload it or get it printed.

I started doing personalised rainbow dog portraits because I saw on a thing called ‘Doggust’ which is something to do with drawing dogs in August and then posting them on social media using the hashtag #doggust. I was a bit late to the party and only found out this was a thing a couple of weeks into August, so I decided to do my own thing a bit and draw the dogs that belong to my friends and family.

My friend Kelly has a sticker on her car of a multicoloured German Shepherd and I’ve always wanted to do a digital sketch full of lots of rainbow colours like that so I thought #doggust might be a good opportunity to give it a try.

The first rainbow dog portrait I did was of a dog called Luna, who is Kelly’s youngest German Shepherd and then I drew her other dog, Scarlet, and since then many more dogs, horses and a blue tongued skink have joined our rainbow pack.

So if you’d like your own perfect pet to join the pack then place your order, send me a photo and I’ll get drawing! 🙂


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