The Great Fairy Easter Egg Race by Heidi Piercy

The Great Fairy Easter Egg Race

Rabbitswood at Easter is a terribly fun place,

full of fairies gathering for the Giant Egg Race!

Join Rabbitswood as it celebrates some eggy Easter Fairy fun! An exciting rhyming tale about the Rabbitswood fairies giant egg race with beautifully hand drawn illustrations. The perfect story to get you in the mood for Easter.

Easter Egg Race

If you have read Diary Of A Fairy Tracker, or visited the real life version of Rabbitswood, you will know that at it’s centre is a very small hill, covered in a collection of tree stumps. In the run up the Easter, I started thinking about how the local fairies will be celebrating and I like to think they race eggs from the top of this hill.

An egg to us humans will appear very small,

but to tiny little fairies they will seem ten feet tall!

Follow the adventurous Rabbitswood fairies as they grapple with eggs that tower over them and push them off the top of Stumpy Bump Hill. Which egg will win?

The Great Fairy Easter Egg Race Illustration by Heidi Piercy