What Is A Plooksie? by Heidi Piercy

What Is A Plooksie?

What is a Plooksie? Oh what can it be? Please, pretty please, can somebody tell me!
A fun, quirky children’s book based on the imaginative language of our brilliantly creative little two year old. …Please help me work out what she’s talking about!

Anyone who knows our youngest daughter will know that she has a creative little language all of own. This book is basically an illustrated, rhyming version of the conversation I had with her when she asked me to draw one of these made up words of hers…The Plooksie!

I thought I would publish the book for her just before her 3rd birthday as a little treat and both our girls loved seeing the book packed full of all their ideas.

The book is written in rhyme and will spark little ones imaginations and keep them guessing what a Plooksie is.

Illustration from What Is A Plooksie? by Heidi Piercy